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We are the champions for liberal values across North Hertfordshire. Locally, we will use our position on the District and County councils to deliver meaningful and progressive change on behalf of residents. Nationally, we want to build a fairer society, but also keep the economy strong and secure. Internationally we want the UK to remain engaged in Europe, and to lead the response to global challenges like climate change. If you share our values and objectives, please give us your support. (NB. This site only covers North Herts. If you live in Stevenage, please visit

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We believe it's important to communicate with local residents all year round, not just at election times. That's why our local campaigners work harder than any of the other parties to produce and deliver publications like the ones below. To browse through some recent examples, simply visit our Issuu page or click on the image:

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Recent News Articles

  • Article: Oct 28, 2020

    Families across the UK have had an extremely difficult year being separated from their loved ones. They deserve a Christmas that is as normal as possible.

    So far, Boris Johnson's government has been badly prepared and slow to act at every stage throughout the Covid-19 crisis. That can't happen again, especially for Christmas.

  • Article: Oct 26, 2020

    This committee knows that to get ourselves back to winning ways, we need to be ambitious going forwards and honest about the recent past.

    In that vein, this month we discussed the internal investigation we commissioned into the Liberal Democrat response to the Unite to Remain campaign, and its structural and electoral implications for the Party.

  • Article: Oct 26, 2020

    Opposition Liberal Democrat councillors on Hertfordshire County Council have called on the Conservative Council to follow the lead of other councils to step in and assist in providing free school meals to those in need during half term and school holidays up to at least the Easter holidays in 2021.

    Last Tuesday at a Full Council meeting of Herts County Council, the Conservative majority rejected a Lib Dem motion calling on the government to support Marcus Rashford's appeal.

    Following the government's refusal late last week to support Marcus's proposal, the Liberal Democrats are now calling on the Conservative-run council to follow the lead of other councils, including Conservative-run authorities such as Essex, Staffordshire and Kensington and Chelsea, to step in and meet this need. With the second wave of the Pandemic now hitting, and with the dramatic rise in the number of families in need, they are calling on Herts County Council to set up a system, which may be providing actual meals or vouchers, as they did last Summer, for all children receiving free school meals. This should continue to operate through school holidays until at least Easter 2021.

    Education spokesperson Mark Watkin has already called on the Conservative cabinet member for Education at County Hall, Terry Douris, to agree to this and sent him an open letter to which he has not yet had a reply.

    To keep up the pressure, the opposition Lib Dem councillors have now written to the Council's Chief Legal Officer calling for an Extraordinary Meeting of the County Council to agree to their proposal.

    Opposition leader Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst said, "We do not take this step lightly. This will be the first time an Extraordinary Meeting has been called by the opposition in over 10 years but it is essential that the County, as the education authority, steps up to the mark if the government will not. I hope that the Conservatives will act now and not wait until the meeting, but if not, we will force a debate to vote that the county should step in.

    Frankly it's a disgrace that in this day and age children from the least well off in our society, through no fault of their own, and many with unemployed parents due to the pandemic, could go hungry during school holidays. The Government which found hundreds of millions of pounds for 'Eat out to Help out' now refuses to find money for our children in need. If the government will not find the money then Herts County Council with millions in reserves must step in. It must act and follow the lead that other Conservative-run Councils have taken. The County may have missed the boat for this half term but there are other school holidays coming up and it must act now. It must not be a Christmas Scrooge"

    I and my colleagues want to thank the amazing community groups and businesses, themselves under pressure, who have already stepped into the void created by the Government, but the County Council is best able to co-ordinate the approach that will ensure that every child in need receives the help they deserve and that no child goes hungry." said Cllr Mark Watkin. Opposition Education Spokesperson.

    St Albans Lib Dem MP, Daisy Cooper has added her support to the campaign. "Half term has started and many parents don't know where they will find the £30-40 at least they will need to feed their children this week, let alone how they will feed their kids at Christmas. No-one is denying that there are big financial demands on the Government but the public simply cannot understand why the Conservative Government is drawing the red line at hungry children.

  • Article: Oct 26, 2020

    Welcome to the Weekly Whip. Your one-stop shop for Lib Dem Parliamentary updates, covering the week that was and the week to come.

    For up to date information from the Lib Dem Whips Office, follow us on Twitter: @LibDemWhips

    Weekly Whip w/c 19th October

    Monday 19th October

    Before we moved onto the main business of the day, we had two Ministerial Statements.

  • Article: Oct 23, 2020

    If ever there was a time for us to act in support of Hong Kongers, it is now.

    Many Hong Kongers have suffered grave persecution at the hands of the Chinese Regime.

    With repeated reports of police brutality, the UK has a moral and legal duty to stand with Hong Kongers and ensure no one is left behind to suffer under the Chinese Communist Party.

  • Article: Oct 22, 2020

    Despite the massive effort people have made to fight coronavirus it's clear that the road to recovery is going to be rockier than we first feared.

    With millions of workers worried about their livelihoods, the British people deserve a Government that listens to their concerns and does everything in its power to protect them. Sadly, this isn't the case.

  • Article: Oct 22, 2020
    Conservative run Herts County Council has wasted £119,000 of council tax payers' money on investigating a failed bid to turn it into a mega
    super council abolishing the 10 district and borough councils.

    Following questions raised by Liberal Democrat Group Leader Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst, it was revealed that the County Council spent
    £119,000 in the last year to explore local government reform in Herts. This was £107,000 on consultancy fees with Price Waterhouse Cooper and £12,000 on officers' salaries as staff were diverted to work on the project as requested by the Conservative Leader of the Council, David Williams.

    Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst said, " This is a sickening waste of money especially now that the idea of local government reform in Herts
    has been taken off the agenda for the foreseeable future. The reports and spend were kept secret from opposition councillors in an underhand way.

    "What is very concerning is that the majority of this money was spent and work was commissioned during the on-going pandemic. An Assistant Director from Adult Social Care was moved to work on this and that is a disgrace. This just goes to show that the Conservatives cannot get priorities right and have wasted council taxpayers' money that could have been spent on supporting local business."
  • Article: Oct 22, 2020

    At Tuesday's meeting of Hertfordshire County Council the Lib Dem motion supporting Marcus Rashford's proposal to extend Free School Meals through the holidays until Easter 2021, the leader of the Council, David Williams, and the Executive Member for Education, Libraries and Localism instructed their group to vote against it and the motion was defeated.

  • Article: Oct 21, 2020

    Improving our candidate process

    Following the issues with our Mayor of London selection and in response to a request from the London Lib Dems, I asked Alison Suttie - a Liberal Democrat peer and the new chair of the Joint Candidate Subcommittee (JCSC) - to do an investigation to learn the lessons, not only for London but for our selections more generally.

  • Article: Oct 21, 2020

    I have a bill going through the House of Lords right now, the Domestic Premises (Energy Performance) Bill.

    It requires the Government to ensure (with certain reasonable exceptions) that all fuel poor households are properly insulated and heated to achieve Energy Performance Certificate band C by 2030, and all other households by 2035.