County Council think the roads are getting better!

January 30, 2009 12:00 AM

Liberal Democrats were amazed at the very complacent response by the County Council to their "Fix our Roads" petition. This petition was presented by local campaigner Ian Simpson to the November meeting of Hertfordshire County Council and was signed by over 200 residents of the villages of North Hertfordshire.

Ian Simpson said, "The County Council's view that the condition of the highway network has improved flies in the face of all the comments we get on the doorstep. In our view, and in the view of all the residents we have talked to, Hertfordshire's roads are in poor condition and getting worse. We hoped that the County Council might acknowledge this, although we expected that they would claim to be doing all they could to improve the situation. However, we were astonished when the Assistant Director responsible for roads said that there had been 'a steady and sustained improvement in the condition of the highway network as poor roads are brought up to standard and others are maintained to stop them deteriorating in the future.' We believe that his view is unique."

Liberal Democrats have concluded that the County Council currently have their heads stuck firmly in the sand and therefore we intend to make the improvement of the road network a key issue in June's County Council election campaign.