Tory-run County Council failing with elderly care

March 4, 2009 1:39 PM

Recent changes to Hertfordshire County Council contracts have left some elderly residents with NO home care services. The Tory-run County Council have taken a hand's off approach to home care provision and were lucky that their lazy attitude to the elderly didn't result in any serious incidents. As a result of the vigorous scrutiny by Liberal Democrat Councillors, Care UK have been sacked from the contract.

Hitchin's Highbury District Councillor Paul Clark and County Candidate for Hitchin South said: "It's worrying that this happened, the Tory County Council were lucky, I know that Liberal Democrat County Councillors are still concerned about the level of services residents are receiving and have referred the situation to the watchdog.

"In our 'Six to Fix' campaign Liberal Democrat County Councillors want all the current home care contracts reviewed and better monitoring of the situation, including making sure staff are properly trained."

Lisa Courts, Liberal Democrat Candidate in Hitchin North said; "We need to continue to press for improvement in this vital service for the elderly. The elderly have a right to expect a good level of service having paid their share of taxes over the years."

The Liberal Democrats were made aware of the problems by a number of distressed residents who were not receiving the support they were entitled to.