Lisa goes to court for Bearton

April 25, 2010 6:45 PM

It is now three years since Lisa Courts, Liberal Democrat District Council candidate for Bearton Ward, decided enough was enough and something had to be done about the increased HGV traffic blighting the lives of Bearton residents.

Noise, dust and traffic are making residents' lives a misery in Cadwell Lane and across Hitchin.

After months and months of community campaigning and letter writing, petition gathering and speaking at council meetings, she and the Residents Group she established got action from the county council and Enforcement Orders were issued. The company responsible for much of the increased traffic appealed and the case went to Public Inquiry - which finished two weeks ago.

Because of her efforts Lisa and many other residents had their say and brought 'Metal and Waste' to account for their actions - which according to the residents, has seen a massive and unapproved increase in waste metal processing on the site, resulting in lorries every minute or two, and at all hours, not to mention the dust and noise pollution.

Lisa says: "I and many other residents have taken action to try and improve Bearton - but I don't want to stop at that. I feel I can do more to help residents than the current Bearton Councillors, but I need your help and support so I can make a real difference."

A decision from the Public Inquiry is due shortly.