Lawrence Oliver: 3 PLEDGES

April 26, 2010 12:55 PM

Lawrence Oliver, who is seeking re-election as District Councillor for Highbury Ward, today outlined 3 pledges:


Very soon a final decision on Hitchin Town Hall and the Museum Service will be made. It is vital that the Conservative plans are effectively opposed and that the Community based proposal is chosen. Lawrence Oliver said: "Everyone should know that local Liberal Democrats opposed the Tory plans from day one. We want it to remain a diverse community space for everyone and we believe the proposals from the business and community groups offer a fantastic opportunity."


Liberal Democrats will make sure that all Hitchin Townspeople are properly informed and their concerns taken on board. Liberal Democrats want the Town to get as much economic benefit from this project as possible; but we will fight to keep Hitchin's "sense of place" and individuality. Lawrence says: "This will be difficult but it can only be done if the energies and support of the Townsfolk are behind it."


Local Government funding will come under severe pressure as a result of the government deficit. Our Tory-run District Council already has the second highest council tax in Hertfordshire. Lawrence says: "Every effort must be made to get value for money. We do not need costly schemes such as the proposed new NHDC Headquarters, which has finally been abandoned after protests from the Liberal Democrat opposition."