Join us for an EU Policy Consultation

October 14, 2021 12:00 PM
By Greg Foster
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

In collaboration with the Liberal Democrat European Group, the Federal Policy Committee are organising regional events giving members a chance to shape our policy on Europe. We want to hear your thoughts on what our priority areas should be, what solutions you might have to problems raised and how we can continue to promote a close relationship with Europe.

Members and Supporters all get the opportunity to help make party policy

Below is a list of topics we will be discussing. Come to our Liberal Democrat European Group consultations to have your say!

Cultural, artistic and educational links

We discussed this at Autumn Conference. We want the UK to rejoin the Erasmus plus scheme. This ensures our fantastic educational links with the continent are not lost.


We think the most important thing is securing Single Market and Customs union membership.

We have all seen the recent supply chain issues. This includes the HGV driver shortage, food and catering supply shortages and fewer workers in the hospitality sector.

We want to hear your thoughts on the practicalities and problems around this.

Climate change and energy

We want to link the UK Emissions Trading Scheme with the EU ETS which will increase the effectiveness of emissions trading.

Here are some of the other areas where we want to work together:

  • Negotiating international climate agreements
  • Agreeing and meeting emissions reduction targets with the EU
  • Promote greater interconnection with EU energy networks

The natural environment

We want to work with the EU to strengthen our natural environment.

This includes:

  • Protecting the environment, humans rights and labour rights within supply chains
  • Work with the EU on international biodiversity negotiations.


Here are the current issues we want to discuss:

  • Gaining access to the Schengen Information System
  • Rejoin Europol, Eurojust and European Arrest Warrant
  • Discuss Lugano Convention: this clarifies that national courts have jurisdiction in cross border civil and commercial disputes.


Here is what we want to do:

  • Cooperate with EU science programs such as Horizon Europe/
  • Participate in satellite systems including Galileo, EGNOS (European Sat Nav system) and Copernic.
  • Improve access for EU nationals to access UK academic institutions.


  • Scrap the Immigration Health Surcharge
  • Reach an agreement on health insurance cards like the previously used EHIC
  • Work with the European Medicines Agency
  • Run joint pandemic preparedness exercises with the EU in the future.

Foreign affairs, security and development

There are clearly loads of topics to discuss here! Security challenges from Russian and China, our strategies and responses to Afghanistan and the situations in the Middle East and global cooperation for development challenges.

If you've got things to say on any of the above policy areas then we want to hear from you!

Join us at one of the regional LDEG events, or their Conference on the Future of Europe and participate in the consultation.

Members will also be able to take part by completing a survey (coming to an inbox near you soon) and in other ways, more info on which can be found here

Members and Supporters all get the opportunity to help make party policy. Make your mark, get involved today.