Britain in Europe

In the June 2016 referendum, North Hertfordshire was one of the most pro-Remain counties in England. Over 54% of people here wanted us to stay in the EU. That's based on an impressive 78% turnout. Here are the stats from the BBC website:

How North Herts voted

The Liberal Democrats are an internationalist party. We believe in working together with other countries to tackle global problems like climate change or organised crime, and to create opportunity and prosperity through mutual cooperation. Outside the EU, Britain would be poorer, more insecure, and less able to shape its future. That's why we believe that Britain is stronger in Europe.

The shockwaves caused by our decision to leave the EU are still being felt. Our economy is in turmoil, support for Scottish independence has rocketed, the peace process in Northern Ireland is suddenly endangered, Spain is hungrily eyeing up Gibraltar, and far right parties across Europe are celebrating.

But is doesn't have to be this way.

The Leave campaign was based on lies and false promises. But the referendum isn't binding. We can still reverse this cataclysmic mistake.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party who stood completely unified behind Remain, the only party that has consistently spoken up in favour of immigration, and the only party pledged to give the British people a final say on whatever exit deal the Government manages to negotiate.


Make no mistake - the Vote Leave campaign lied to the British people to win this referendum.

  • EU membership does not cost £350 million a week.
  • They have already broken their promise to funnel more money to the NHS.
  • Turkey is not joining the EU - and, as a member, the UK would have a veto on this anyway.
  • The UK would never be required to give up its armed forces. Immigration is not a drain on our public services.
  • The EU will not allow us to remain part of the Single Market and end the free movement of people.


The window of opportunity is closing fast. If we want to save our economy, rescue the UK, and mend the divisions within our society, then we have to elect a new Government. If you're behind us then please:

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