ChurchgateThe Churchgate area in Hitchin town centre, which accomodates a number of local businesses and the Hitchin Market, hasn't seen significant investment in many long years. It desperately needs to be updated and improved if the long-term future of the Market is to be secured. Unfortunately, North Hertfordshire District Council's Conservative administration has displayed a complete lack of interest, commitment, and leadership on this issue. Worse still, they have wasted large sums of taxpayer money on consultants and advisers, whose recommendations they have just periodically mulled over and then completely failed to adopt. To date, residents have seen absolutely no return on the nearly £700,000 spent.

If given enough seats on the District Council, the Liberal Democrats would work to break the logjam and get this important project moving again. We would sit down with the owners, Hammersmatch, and other key stakeholders, to deliver a future for this area of our town that helps the Market to flourish, provides a better platform for successful local businesses, and creates some much needed new housing close to the centre of the town.

Highbury campaigner Paul Clark says:

"It is high time the Council got on with improving the Churchgate area and making sure our market is secure and able to flourish. They need to shop wasting our money and start getting results and letting residents see a return for the amount already spent."