The County Council

Hertfordshire County Council LogoHertfordshire County Council (HCC) is responsible for things like schools, transport, planning, public safety, social care, libraries, and trading standards.

The Council's main offices are located in Hertford. There are 78 County Councillors, of which the North Hertfordshire area returns nine. County Council elections take place every four years. The electoral system for HCC elections is 'First Past The Post' and the Council uses the 'Leader and Cabinet' model.

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There are currently 23 Liberal Democrat Councilors on HCC, making the Liberal Democrats the second largest party. There are two Liberal Democrat County Councillors in North Hertfordshire: Royston West and Rural is represented by Steve Jarvis and Hitchin South division is represented by Keith Hoskins.

The Conservatives have run Hertfordshire County Council since 1999 and they've become ever more remote from the real needs of local people. As the second largest party in County Hall, we have a genuine chance to dislodge them in 2025 - when the next elections will be held - and bring a fresh perspective to a whole range of vital local services.