The District Council

North Hertfordshire District Council is responsible for issues such as rubbish collection, leisure facilities, recycling, Council Tax collection, housing, and planning applications.

The Council's offices are located in Letchworth Garden City. There are 49 District Councillors, representing 24 electoral wards (nine of the wards elect two councillors each, and eight of the wards elect three). These Councilors are elected for four-year terms, but the periods they serve are staggered. Approximately a third of the Council is up for election each year, for three years. No District elections take place during the fourth year though, as this is when County Council elections are held. Then the cycle starts again. The electoral system for North Herts Council elections is 'First Past The Post' and the Council uses the 'Leader and Cabinet' model.

If you want to find out what electoral ward you live in, then just click here.

There are currently 13 Liberal Democrat Councilors on North Herts Council. They are:

The next election for North Herts Council will be on Thursday 4th May 2023.