Our Environment is in Danger

Since 2015's General Election, the Conservative Party has been busy dismantling the UK's environmental protections:

  • support for onshore wind energy has been scrapped;
  • the 'Green Deal' homes scheme has been killed off;
  • solar subsidies have been axed;
  • the Green Investment Bank has been sold;
  • our flood defences have been gutted.

The Liberal Democrats have a different vision. We see climate change as a major global threat. We want Britain to take action now, in order to begin to create a zero-carbon economy that will deliver long-term growth and job creation, increasing our energy security and resilience. Our plan would:

  • create a greater role for smaller renewable energy suppliers;
  • provide support for new low carbon technologies and business models;
  • reduce planning barriers for renewable energy developments;
  • agree binding and ambitious greenhouse gas emission targets;
  • encourage investment in offshore wind.

If you doubt that climate change is happening, then just take a look at the animation below, based on global temperature data for the past 166 years.

Global Temperature Gif