Councillor Paul Clark (Hitchin Highbury)

Paul ClarkPaul and his family have lived in Hitchin for over 30 years and have raised their children and been an active part of the town during that time. Many local residents know Paul as a hard working local champion, putting people first and working with all parties to get issues resolved, such as the access from Woodside Car Park to Harrison Court. Paul feels passionately that Highbury ward and the wider town need people on the Council to fight and work with all involved in the community in a professional and proper manner to protect and improve our environment.

Paul is the deputy leader of North Herts Council and the cabinet member for planning.

He is also the County Councillor for Hitchin South.

In His Own Words

"I will work and fight to protect the vitality of our Town Centre, ensuring the development of areas such as Churchgate and the Town Hall is done properly and sympathetically, so that our Market Is protected. This must be balanced with sensible parking provision for visitors and residents around the area, so that our streets are not blighted with commuter parking. My priorities include:

  • working to ease commuter parking in residential areas;
  • stopping the Council wasting our money on Churchgate and the Town Hall;
  • improving our open spaces;
  • stopping rat-running through our roads;
  • working to get the County Council to improve our road surfaces;
  • opposing overdevelopment of areas in the town by developers;
  • working to get the Local Plan adopted to help protect the area from development;
  • improving recycling and other environmental projects such as tree planting;
  • ensuring that the streets and footpaths are kept clean, free of litter and dog mess;
  • ensuring better cycling provision around the town."


Contact Details

Phone 01462 457 342
Address 7 Kipling Close, Hitchin, SG4 0DU