Councillor Terry Tyler (Chesfield)

Terry TylerTerry has lived in Great Ashby for the past ten years. He was elected to North Hertfordshire District Council in 2016, but has been a Community Councillor since 2014. Terry is currently the vice-chairman of North Herts Council.

In His Own Words

"I want to promote pleasant, fairer and practical communities within Little Wymondley, Great Wymondley, Graveley, Jacks Hill, Great Ashby, Titmore Green, Lower Titmore Green, Redcoats Green, Todds Green and, of course, Chesfield hamlet. I will pursue in all cases a balanced and pragmatic way, respecting the important issues of the day.

I also intend to be actively campaigning, in the Chesfield Ward, to:

  • retain the Green Belt;
  • create a Local Plan that secures a fair, reasonable and sustainable number of new homes;
  • address flooding issues in Little Wymondley and other areas;
  • promote an increase in primary and secondary school places;
  • ensure the safety of school children at busy road crossings;
  • retain reliable and frequent bus services;
  • secure improved local health centre facilities;
  • tackle the growing litter issue;
  • secure a long-overdue public house for Great Ashby;
  • solve the lorry turning issue in Little Wymondley;
  • sort out the traffic issues through Great Wymondley;
  • support and promote youth clubs and youth activities;
  • protect and mainten our public bridleway and footpath network;
  • include Tilekiln and Parsonsgreen Woods within the 'Managed Walkways' in Great Ashby;
  • work and coordinate with Stevenage Borough Council;
  • promote with developers for better infrastructure, facilities and wheelie bin storage for new local plan builds across the Chesfield Ward.

I will commit to giving each individual an open opportunity to contact me via my website, email, phone or social media pages.

In addition, I pledge to hold an open evening or weekend surgery once per month."


Contact Details

Phone 07868 016 401
Address 34 Merrick Close, Great Ashby, Stevenage SG1 6GH

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