Councillor Tom Tyson (Arbury)

Tom TysonTom grew up in Hertfordshire and, after periods of study and work in Germany and France, later returned to his home county, where he served for many years as a head of department at a successful local comprehensive school. Tom now works as a freelance translator. He has lived in Bygrave with his wife since 2000 and has two daughters. His roots are well established in the area as he also previously lived in Ashwell. Tom wants to make sure there is a clear voice representing Arbury on the District Council and that local growth and development enhance the lives of residents of all ages, bringing new benefits while still conserving the things that make the area special and unique.

Tom serves on the Baldock and District Committee, the Council Licensing and Appeals Committee, the Licensing and Appeals Sub-Committee, and the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Contact Details

Phone 07546 589 377
Post 61 Ashwell Road, Bygrave, Hertfordshire, SG7 5DZ